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Question: discharge white sticky .... is der any problem??

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Answer: I can understand your anxiety. Sticky white discharge may be a sign that you have ovulated. If it's smelly then get urine examined. Take care
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Question: l observed some sticky white discharge is there any problem plz tell me
Answer: If discharge is clean and just a discharge then it's completely normal as it's because of your vaginal area cleaning itself but if there is any symptoms like itching, smell, burning sensation with discharge then it can be because of infection and you must consult the doctor and treat infection otherwise there is nothing to worry about...
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Question: I observed small sticky white discharge is there any problem plz tell me
Answer: White discharge is absolutely common during pregnancy and there's no need to worry... If you experience any burning sensation along with white discharge then please get it checked by your gynecologist as it is probably due to an infection..
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Question: White discharge is like sticky any risk
Answer: Hi White dischargre is common during pregnancy if it is having no smell ok..dont worry
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