21 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Kvi pura din dhum dham feel hota h pet me.. Kvi bht h light.. Rest karte time thodahota h.. Kiyo

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Answer: It's baby movement
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    Himashree Pathak1257 days ago

    Wahi.. Movements kvi kvi kyo

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Question: Kavi pura din dhum dhum lagta h pet me.. Kvi thoda kam.. Or dhum dhum jo karta h iska v light feel hota h.. Kiyo
Answer: Lower abdominal pain and cramping during pregnancy is termed as Round Ligament pain by the health professionals. A woman used to experience mild abdominal pain and discomfort through out the pregnancy time and there is nothing like to worry about as this abdominal cramping is normal. Abdominal pain during pregnancy can be just a sign that uterus is getting ready to carry a baby through the next nine months of pregnancy. Lower abdominal pain occasionally crop up during pregnancy because of uterus stretching, from constipation or from gas. During pregnancy, the uterus enlarges to provide accommodation to the growing fetus. This enhances the size and weight of the uterus. Increased weight and size puts pressure on the ligament that holds it further causing it to stretch. This condition leads to lower abdominal pain, cramping during pregnancy, which is also termed as Round Ligament pain. To get some relief, reduce your physical activity * To decrease pain reduce cramp-inducing positions * Comfortably resting can also relieve from pain * You can also take a warm bath to relax from lower stomach pain and cramps during pregnancy * Avoid turning sharply at the waist, if you are experiencing abdominal pain during pregnancy.
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Question: M 21st w pregnant.. Mujeh regural feel hita h movements.. Bt beej me kavi nahi hota.. Hota v to kvi light bht.. Rest karta time pata chalta h.. Kio
Answer: A normal BP reading is below 120/80 . though Low BP wont impact much but still at extreme low may create severe issues. 1. Eat a diet high in salt 2. Improve your fluid intake 3. Avoid lifting heavy object 4. You may feel dizzy after meals, try eating smaller, more frequent meals.
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Question: mujhe 8 month start huye h..pr kvi kvi mujhe stomach me bht pain hota h like period type jisse mujhe pura din Tbiyt thik nhi lgta aisa q hota h or isko kaise thik kru plz koi reply kriye...😢
Answer: Mere sath v ESA hota h , mera v 33 week start hua ye baby ke badhne k karan hota h .thoda bahut walk kre jyada der tak ek position me Na rhe
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