5 months old baby

Question: Diet for cerelac baby

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Answer: Hi! First of all, no outside food is suggested for a baby of 5 months old baby still has a lot of time to start solid it should be after completion of 6 months or 180 days secondly there is no hard and fast rule to feed Cerelac to the baby because it only helps in weight gain and nothing else so it is always better to introduce homemade normal family food to the baby to wean breast milk.. Hope this helps!
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Question: Best cerelac for baby
Answer: Hello! After 6 month foods Which You Can Introduce to Your Baby Mashed banana,Stewed apple,Well steamed and pureed vegetables like carrots, sweet potato, pumpkin , french beansPulse soup (moong dal ka pani)Rice Water (Chawal ka pani)Homemade single-grain cereals like rice, barley, oats mixed with breastmilk or formula milk,Steamed and pureed fruits like pear, avocado, peach, chikoo.You can try the homemade vegetable soup for your baby.
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Question: Please suggest me food diet for my 4 month baby.. N also tell can I start cerelac to my baby
Answer: Hello dear... According to pediatrician,Breast milk is only needed for six months,after six months can introduce solids like ragi porridge,wheat porridge,cerelac,but whatever you feed , should be in semisolid consistency,sothat it is easily to swallow and digestible
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Question: Which cerelac is good for 6 months baby...there are many cerelac rice cerelac, wheat cerelac, apple cerelac etc..
Answer: home made rice dal is best as they doesn't have any chemicals wash rice thoroughly and also moong dal just soak for 2hours and let them dry and then grind it to powder and then after cooking add ghee it is best for your kid and make it fresh 1 week or 10days
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