8 months old baby

Question: diet chart for 8month baby

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Answer: Hello dear. Let me give you a few recepies for your 8 month old baby: Breastmillk or formula plus Pureed fruits like banana, pears, peaches, apples. Pureed vegetables like carrots, sweet potatoes. Small amounts of curds. You can add cereals too. Hope this information was helpful.
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Question: 8month baby diet chart ??
Answer: Hello... Dear for eight months old baby, you can introduce our home made foods along with breast milk,and it is generally a practice to try all foods ,so that baby gain weight and immunity power,can introduce foods like Idly Khichdi Pongal Dhal rice Curd rice Uthappam Idyappam Can also introduce fruit juice,which contains essential nutrients for baby's growth,that includes.. Apple Chikoo Carrot Pappaya Watermelon Orange You can also steam apple or banana,in a steamer,feed in puree form,will also has lot of nutritional benefits
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Question: Diet chart for 8month baby
Answer: It's great that your baby is 8 month old. Its hard and modern days to follow a specific pattern on regular basis. This is used to give my baby three times Semi solid food breakfast lunch and dinner. Rest 4 times milk feed ---Morning , mid day ,afternoon and bedtime. For Semi solid feed you can give fruits during vegetable puree, fruits puree, banana, boil potato with butter and cheese, sweet potato Kheer, sabudana Kheer, Mashed rice with daal soup etc. Hope it helps.
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Question: Diet chart for daily 2years 8month baby
Answer: A baby at this age should be completely on the family food. There should be nothing cooked separately for the baby. Just add ghee in the food, add full fat curd in the diet, give dry fruits, a bowl of fruits regularly as midday snacks or you can give it around 4 to 5 pm also. Also give banana and eggs. This will help to gain weight and give proper nutrition too.
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