9 months old baby

Question: diet chart for 8 months baby

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Answer: Hi mommy Follow 3 meals and 2 snacks plan don't bind yourself in diet chart as it's hard to follow telling this as per my personal experience.. Small kids are not having fixed schedule and even you can't follow same timing. For example if bf at 10 then after 1.5 hours give snack then after 2 hours lunch then after 1.5 hours snack then after 2 hours serve dinner. Milk should be on demand and supply basis. You can serve Dalia , khichdi , juice, fruits, sooji kheer, boiled veggies etc. Happy feeding
Answer: Hello beautiful mom... As for diet chart.. I used to give porridge of Ragi or oats or barley with fruits, chilla ,or simply fruits puree... At lunch it used to be sabji Dal chawal /chapati, or vegetable pulao, fried rice or ghee rice or curd rice... Evening snacks like murmura or roasted makhana or few pieces of steamed vegetables and finger foods.. At night it used to chapati with Dal and sabji or idli or dosa o vegetable Partha or Palak puri... You can follow this.. Hope this helps.
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Question: Diet chart for 8 months baby
Answer: Papaya is a great fruit to add to your baby’s diet but after you have first started him on other food like bananas, avocados, sweet potatoes, and squash. These are all easily digested and once your baby has tolerated these well, you can gradually introduce papaya. The best time to include papaya to your baby’s diet is around 7 to 8 months of age. ideally it should be introduced only after 7 or 8 months. Here are some things papaya can do for your child’s health: Boosts Digestion –The enzyme papain present in this fleshy fruit is useful in breaking down complex food structures. Regular consumption of papaya can improve your child’s digestion capabilities significantly. Enhances Immunity – A baby’s immune system is not as developed as that of an adult, which makes them susceptible to infections and ailments. The Vitamin C in papaya boosts your child’s immunity and helps prevent sickness. Useful in Healing Skin Sores – The abundance of Vitamin A in papaya keeps skin protected from burns, ulcers and sores. Papaya skin or pulp can also be applied topically on minor burns and rashes. This will help reduce the burning sensation. Improves Metabolism – Papayas are a rich source of folates, which are necessary for the production of amino acids. This can, to some extent, lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases in adulthood.belly ache in babies.
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Question: Diet chart for 8 months plus baby
Answer: Hi So, here the are list of healthy food items for a 8-month old baby: Fruits puree: Fruits can be steamed and mashed or pureed to be given as their first solid food. The popular fruits that are given as baby foods are apple, banana, pear, chikoo and peach. Vegetable puree: Vegetables such a sweet potato, potato, carrot, sweet pumpkin, french beans etc. can be steamed and given either as finger food or as a puree. Pulses Soup: Variety of pulses, especially dals can be boiled with water and the soup of the dal, which contains the nutrient extract of it, can be given as a source of proteins to babies. Rice porridge: Rice is a good source of carbohydrates and vitamins for babies. Broken rice can be given as porridge, made in breast milk. Cereal porridge: can also be made from a variety of single grain cereals like wheat, millets, barley, oats, etc. in breast milk or formula milk. These cereals can be dried and powdered together or separately, to make a mix for the gruel. Vegetable soup: A variety of vegetables can be boiled in water, and the stock can be used for making soup. Yoghurt: Although cow’ milk is not allowed until the age of one for babies, unsweetened yoghurt can be given in moderate amount as an alternative to purees.
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Question: Diet chart for 8 months old baby
Answer: Hello... Dear for eight month old baby, you can introduce our home made foods along with breast milk,and it is generally a practice to try all foods ,so that baby gain weight and immunity power,can introduce foods like Idly Khichdi Pongal Dhal rice Curd rice Uthappam Idyappam Can also introduce fruit juice,which contains essential nutrients for baby's growth,that includes.. Apple Chikoo Carrot Pappaya Watermelon Orange You can also steam apple or banana,in a steamer,feed in puree form,will also has lot of nutritional benefits
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