15 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Did anything harmful if i am having lays chips during pregnancy .

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Answer: No dear There is no harm in having lays chips during pregnancy but it would be better to have it in moderation as packed items should be consumed less in pregnancy.
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    Rahitha Binoy235 days ago

    I am having after a long gap .

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Question: Can i eat lays chips during pregnancy?
Answer: Hello... Dear it is advisable to avoid packed snacks like lays,it may cause gastric ,also leads to weight gain..
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Question: Can I have lays potato chips during pregnancy
Answer: Hi. Out of craving you can have one or 2 pieces. But best is to avoid it as it will.only increase unnecessary weight of your. Also it doesnt contains any nutrition which you require in pregnancy.
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Question: Can i hav lays chips...
Answer: Eating potatoes or chips on most days of the week may increase a woman's risk of diabetes during pregnancy. This is probably because starch in spuds can trigger a sharp rise in blood sugar levels. So you can have in moderation and check with your dieteican before consumption. Take care.
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Question: Red meat & potato chips(Lays) is safe during pregnancy ??
Answer: Yes ..but everythng in moderation!
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