14 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Did anyone done 2 ND ultrasound? What abt ur weight Of the foetus in around 13 weeks

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Answer: My 13 weeks 6 days running.. Bt my foetal weight shown in my ultrasound is 83gm
Answer: Ideal weight of fetus in 13 weeks is 22.963 grams. Hope this helps.
Answer: It's around 13 grams dear
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Question: What is the maximum and minimum weight of foetus in second ultrasound
Answer: Dear baby weight is counted from week to week and there is 1 weight which is given as healthy weight. So at 20 week baby weight should be 300g.
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Question: what is the ideal weight of foetus in 27 weeks??
Answer: Hllo dear in 27 weeks Fetal size should be 24cm (9.6 inches) nd weight should be 1 kg (just over 2 pounds).
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Question: Today I done 2nd ultrasound in 14th weeks of pregnancy.. And it's showing 4.3cm foetus size.. What is the actual size in 14th weeks of pregnancy
Answer: At 14 weeks of pregnancy your baby should be about 8.5 cms in length dear...
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