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Question: Diarrhea during second trimester. Should I worry?

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Answer: Yes diarrhea is not so common in the pregnancy you have to take care of yourself. Keep yourself hydrated take ors also. You can try this tested tried home remedy take 1 tsp of chai Patti with water repeat the same after 6 hours if required. Take care
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Question: Hello doc, What diet should I eat during second trimester?
Answer: Hllo dear In pregnancy u need 300 to 500 extra calories per day so u have to take healthy diet as Foods such as lentils, beans , take Rajma ,Chana ,lobhia ,cheese, fish, eggs, meat, tofu, and nuts are a rich source of protein . Take almonds pistico,walnuts,raisens dates.Take milk wit Mother's Horlicks during Pregnancy. Mother's Horlicks, with 27 vital nutrients, is specialized nutrition for expecting mothers. Mother's Horlicks contains nutrients (like Iron, Iodine, Folic Acid, Zinc, Magnesium, Vitamin A, B6, B12 and D) which are known to help improve the birth weight of the baby .These foods are essential for your baby’s growth and development during pregnancy.Take multigrain chapatti, whole wheat pasta, oatmeal, wheat bread and brown rice.Dairy should be an important component of your pregnancy diet plan.  Foods such as curd/yoghurt (dahi), milk and cottage cheese (paneer) provide the much needed calcium, protein and vitamin D for your baby’s bones. eat green vegetables with little or no oil to avoid excessive weight gain. Fruits and vegetables of different colours are rich in fibre, vitamins and minerals and are low in calories. take all green vegetables such as spinach..beans,peas,beetroot,carrots take fresh fruits apple Mango,Banana..Mango,watermelon,muskmelon,chikoo,pear,Orange ,sweet lime, Pomegrate.The main foods to avoid during pregnancy include processed foods such as ready to eat food or packaged food items. undercooked meat and unwashed produce. These foods have high fat ,content can also cause unnecessary weight gain and a difficult normal delivery.
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Question: Should I do sex during second and third trimester?
Answer: Hiii, if you have normal pregnancy without complication like low lying placenta then doing sex in second trimester is considered safe but with the advancement of pregnancy you should have work doing intercourse in 8th month of pregnancy as it considered risky. Be very gentle while doing sex because rough sex can cause vaginal bleeding. Your husband should use condom otherwise you can suffer from vaginal infection. Hope it helps.
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Question: Should we drink tea during second trimester?
Answer: Hello Tea and coffee contain caffaine. This can be harmful during pregnancy as it can be passed down to your baby. U can drink green coffee wch has high amounts of anti oxidants and no caffaine or drink herbal tea or chamomile tea wch relaxes ur muscles and helps u in sleeping
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