7 months old baby

Question: Diaper rash..baby skin getting much red

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Answer: To cure the rashes use Rashfree cream or desonide lotion. You can also use zoccon powder to prevent diaper rash .This powder really works .use it whenever you change the babies diaper .It's better you oftten check & change the diaper if its full.
Answer: 'B4 Nappi' cream during wearing diaper to baby For rashes 'eumosone M' cream
Answer: For that use curd oil massagre
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Question: Please suggest good cream for diaper rash. My baby has minor diaper rash and am using Himalaya diaper rash cream. But getting no result. Any other home remedy?
Answer: This is something very common.. And the solution is very simple. Dont go for any high end creams, medicines, or ointments. Use vaseline petroleum jelly n see the difference. It is THE BEST product for diaper rash. This can be used not just for healing the rashes, but regular application will avoid rashes in future too. Apply it every single time you change your baby's diaper. My baby had the same problem, and this was prescribed by one of the best dermatologist that i know.
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Question: My baby got skin rash that is increasing day by day I use mustard oil while changing diaper but still rash is getting severe what should I do?
Answer: Hey dear... Skin rash generally occurs due to unhygienic skin...please use a rash free cream prescribed by your pediatrician.. also whenever u change diaper..clean the area with cotton soaked in water, then Pat it dry gently with a soft cloth and apply coconut oil/anti rash cream. Also 1 month baby ke liye mustard oil is not good...always use coconut oil.
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Question: How to manage child skin rash? With diaper or without?
Answer: Hi, u can apply diaper rash cream before putting on diaper, or u can use langoot for the whole day(need to keep changing when wet).. Or use langoot in morning and diapers during night
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