37 weeks pregnant mother

Question: detected with gestational diabetes in 9th month. HbA1c as 7. 4% with fasting blood sugar as 132 mg/dl. Please suggest what precautions do I need to take to control it so that normal delivery can be done.

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Answer: Avoid rice, maida and walk for 15 min after every meal... This should help..
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Question: I m detected with gestational diabetes with 132 with fasting sugar n post prandial result about 176 ...doctor suggested me to take insulin of 4 units thrice a day...would it affect my baby growth now.
Answer: Hello dear, Insulin as such does not have any side effects on the baby because it doesn't cross Placenta at all, if insulin is not used when required in pregnancy it may cause uncontrolled blood sugars, these high blood sugars causes to the fetus ans causes the baby to produce extra insulin to keep the blood sugar in the normal ..
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Question: At 27 weeks my fasting sugar is 97.it is diabetes...what precautions need to take.
Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy.I can understand your anxiety. Fasting sugar levels bellow 100 are normal. 100-125 is called as pre diabetes. Above 125 is considered as diabetes. Don't worry. Avoid sugary, salty dishes. Walk for some time. Take care
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Question: Hi all my fasting sugar is 78mg/dl and 2hr is 183 mg/dl. Am i having gestational diabetes? Please help me to reduce my sugar levels.
Answer: You need to visit diebetologist dear i also have gestational diabetes and your sugar levels needs to be controlled my dr Targets are less than 95 fasting and less than 140 post one hr of lunch dinner or breakfast
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