2 months old baby

Question: Delivery k bad period kb tk aata hai? ,22 august ko meri delivery hui thi pr period ab tk nhi aaya? Is this normal???

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Answer: Hello Dear it is very common if yu regularly breast feed yur baby yu will have irregular periods or no period at all. Once you start outside food to yur baby n breast milk becomes optional once the baby is one year old yu will start yur normal cycle of periods. So don't worry. Take care
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    Priya Shukla324 days ago

    But i want to know ki after delivery periods kb tk aate hain...its around 2 nd a half month

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Question: Hi, meri baby 22 august ko hui thi... delivery k bad milk leakage ab tak band nhi hua? Ye kb tak band hoga?
Answer: Jab tak apka baby milk le raha hai tab tak it only means k apki milk supply jyada hai mere sath bhi aisa hi hota tha bt after sone time baby ache se milk lene laga to leakage thik ho gyi so dont worry nd use breast pad taki apke clothes na kharab ho
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Question: Meri delivery 7 August ko hui thi pr abhi tk bleeding ni bnd hui h. Why. Is it normal
Answer: Hi dear, Yes,ye normal hai.1 month tak thoda thoda bleeding ya spotting normal hai.dinot worry agar bleeding zyada heavy na ho.
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Question: Hlo meri Delivery 25 Dec. Ko hui thi ab tk period nhi aaye any advice
Answer: Hi.. Dear koi baat nahin, thoda time lagta hai.. Period ko regular hone mein.. Agar aap breast feeding mom hai especially tho.. Kabhi kabhi 6 to 8 months bhi lag jate hai..
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Question: 30 august ko meri delivery hui thi or meri brest m abhi tak dudh nhi aaya ....m kya kru
Answer: Hie Nothing to worry about Neither did I during my entire pregnancy Some women's do experience milk flow during pregnancy which is normal But mostly milk comes down during labour or post it In normal delivery in case of c section it may take 2-3 days So stay relaxed don't bother about it
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