1 months old baby

Question: Mazi delivery houn 4 5 days zale by c section Mala 2hrs sathi baher Java lagat is it OK

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Question: My first delivery was by c section. Is it true that second delivery is also by c section.?
Answer: No it's not true to all cases as second delivery can occur normal. Not necessary that if you had first delivery by C-section then second should be the same. So don't worry about it and more over the type of delivery depends upon the position of baby at that time and if baby comes in head down position and engage itself in pelvis then chances of normal delivery are more so don't take stress about it. Maintain a well balanced diet and drink lot of water stay hydrated and maintain a healthy weight and also continue your daily routine activities it will help take care
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Question: If once delivery is done by c section...is it necessary again it will be by c section only..??
Answer: Dear normal delivery after cesarean depends upon many factors like baby's position how low risk and smooth your pregnancy is and what is baby's position but the main thing is the scar thickness (stitches skin thickness) from previous cesarean because if the scar thickness is low then there is always a chance of skin rupture during labour pain so doctor don't take any risk.. but if the scar thickness is fine then normal delivery is possible...
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Question: Is it OK to travel a long distance (4 hours drive) by car, after 90 days of C section.?
Answer: Hello dear, please check with your doctor if traveling is ok in your condition.. because even if the external stitches have healed... internally your wound wouldn't have completely healed because c section is like any other major surgery where recovery time is important...so please do not travel with your baby without consulting the doctor...
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