38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: delivery hone pr mujhe apne baby or apne liye bag me kya kya saman pack kerni chahiye

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Answer: Hii plz see the list below Message by Niharika Pandey: what should be required to pack bag for getting admitted in the hospital 1. Essentials like soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, deodorant, napkins, towels, tissue paper rolls, hand sanitizer and any creams you use on a daily basis. 2. A couple of nightgowns, preferably with a front opening. 3. A few pairs of underwears - disposable ones or old ones that you wouldn’t mind getting spoiled. 4. Nursing bras and tops. 5. Comfortable clothes that you can ride back home in after giving birth. 6. A pair of comfy slippers. 7. Nipple cream or butter to soothe sore nipples. 8.Lip balm if you have the case of the ol’ dry lips. 9. Hairbrush and a few hair bands to keep all of your hair in one place. 10. Your mobile phone, earphones and it’s charger. You can also carry a power bank just in case you don’t find any power outlets in your delivery room. Baby essential - 1.Atleast 5 sleepsuits and 5 bodysuits to dress your baby up. 2. Diaper- a lot of them. 3. Baby wipes that are newborn-friendly. 4. Baby blankets to keep your child warm. 5. Muslin cloth to wipe off any milk your little one spits out 6. A pair of socks. 7. Hat for your LO's tiny head 8. Lots of washclothes, yo give sponge bath to your baby. 9. Body products such as lotion cream oil etc
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Question: Hi mujhe hospital bag pack Karna hai. Kya Kya saman rakhna chahea bag me? Pls suggest me?
Answer: Hello dear, you can pack these all before going hospital. A fresh nightgown, if you prefer to wear your own. Your cell phone and charger. Snacks! After many hours of labor, you're likely to be pretty hungry, and you may not want to rely solely on hospital food. So bring your own – crackers, fresh or dried fruit, nuts, granola bars, or whatever you think you'll enjoy. Pack a few personal items, such as a toothbrush and toothpaste, lip balm, deodorant, a brush and comb, makeup, and a hair band or barrettes. Hospitals usually provide soap, shampoo, and lotion, but you might prefer your own. Comfortable nursing bras or regular bras. Several pairs of maternity underpants and pad. Gifts for older siblings. Some parents bring gifts for the new baby to "give" to big brothers and sisters. A notepad or journal and pen or pencil. Track your baby's feeding sessions, write down questions you have for the nurse, note what the pediatrician tells you. A going-home outfit. Bring something roomy and easy to get into, and a pair of flat, comfortable shoes. Your baby will need an outfit to go home in, including socks or booties. A receiving blanket. Make it a heavy one if the weather's cold. Hope it helped, Take care urself...
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Question: Delivery ke wqt baby ke liye kya sab bag me pack kar Lena chahiye saman??
Answer: 1 A picture ID (driver's license or other ID), your insurance card, and any hospital paperwork you need 2 Eyeglasses, if you wear them.  3 A nightgown or two, slippers, and socks. Hospitals provide gowns and socks for you to use during labor and afterward, but some women prefer to wear their own. Choose a loose, comfortable gown that you don't mind getting dirty. 4 Toiletries: lip balm, comb, kajal. 5 cell phone and charger  6 Comfortable nursing bras or regular bras. 7 Going-home outfit and comfy footwear. 8 Diapers or nappies for new born , Mittens, booties, soft handkerchief, bottle or bowl and spoon for feeding.
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Question: Hi, hospital ke liye bag pack karna hai,kya kya saman ki jarurat hai, please guide
Answer: Hello dear U should keep ur maternity gown, towel, camera, nursing bra, comb, toothpaste, toothbrush, mirror lip balm, disposable panties, flip flops, sanitary pads, baby clothes, baby socks, baby diapers, baby nailcutter, shawl for baby, woolens for baby etc.
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