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Question: Delayed period by 39 days but no period and pregnancy test is negative πŸ˜”

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Answer: Dear missed period is one of common reason for pregnancy.but average menstrual cycle ranges between 21-35 days.sometimes it could be delayed cycles , due to stress, hormonal imbalance and other medical issues.if you had regular cycles better to wait for 1 week and repeat upt once and then visit doctor once.take care
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Question: Pregnancy test negative 3 times , ultrasound normal for abdomen and pelvis, no thryroid but still no periods what can I do ?? Period delayed by 40 days
Answer:Β Dear now your 10 days have passed from missed period . Than now check pregnancy by doctor. If you are not pregnant then there are many reason of not getting pregnancy. This is might be due to season change, good change or haemoglobin less.
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Question: Hi my last period date is 30 march but still I have no period 7 days delayed . Today morning I test pregnancy kit but result is negative pls say when was the right time to test pregnancy test
Answer:Β Hi my last period is march 30 but still I have no period 7 days delayed today morning I test pregnancy the test is negative when was the right time to test pregnancy test
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Question: I delayed my period for 10 days and got negative pregnancy test and from two days my lower back is paining this a sign of pregnancy?
Answer:Β You can go to see doctor and do beta HCG blood test. If still negetive then doctor will prescribe you medicine for withdrawal bleeding.
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