7 months old baby

Question: Dears My baby has always cough prblms. When he take breath heard a sound by the cough. What can i do for the cough? Say some remedies.

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Question: Hi. My baby is 5 month & 25 days old. He is suffering from cough. When he breath a sound comes from his chest. What I do
Answer: Hello Dear cold n cough last seven to tens days and as it is rainy season it is very common try these home remedies for yur baby in cold *roast ajwain and Put in a cotton cloth make a potli Gently rub on chest, back, under feet and palms it should not be very hot nbaby must have single clothing. *Put saline drops in each nostril of your baby as this would help to clear the nose. *Boil few cloves or garlic into mustard oil and apply neck, chest, back, under feet and palms the oil must be warm. *rub Vick vapour on baby’s feet,cover with socks *Mix 1 teaspoon of sendha namak in warm mustard oil massage chest and back,cover with cotton sheet *Warm coconut oil,add crushed tulsi leaves massage on the chest, back feet. *Give steam for 10 to 15 min,do not keep steamer very close it may irritate baby *Use bathroom as the steam room, turn on hot water tap Sit with your baby for 10min If no differencethen meet doctor, he will prescribe medications according to weight n need. Take care
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Question: My son is 17 mnths baby...always he wil cough with some noisy sound and cold...wil u say any remedies...for medicines also it not geting cure
Answer: Cold/ cough home remedies.. Although cold is a very common type of infection which usually affects children as they are low in immunity.. Avoid medicines for such infections. They go away automatically after 2-3 days. Give steam , it will instantly give relief from cold and cough. Also for better immunity include garlic,ginger and turmeric in your diet.
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Question: My baby suffering from cough,when he is sleep,some sound is coming,when he taking breath ,wt to do
Answer: Give cinarist nasal drop and apply vicks baby rub on baby's back chest chest n feets. Give Ascoril flue drops - 8 drops three times
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