39 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Dear Madam/Sir, am in 38 weeks of pregnancy. Yesterday I was scanned and the amniotic fluid level was shown 7cm. As today is Sunday my doctor will be on off. Now its only possible to meet doctor on Monday. So kindly reply me that there will be any problem in such low amniotic fluid ie 7cm cases.?

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Answer: Don't worry show your reports tomorrow
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Question: Dear doctor. ..Please advise. ...My last month period was on 14th January 2019. ..but today my beta hcg level is 37.6 which is very less. ..what could be the reason ? And what should I do in such case?
Answer: hi dear! so low hcg can be due to miscalculation of the gestational age. which means that you might have ovulated later on and we calculate the pregnancy from the last menstrual period dear. also if there is blighted ovum which means that when the gestational sac develops, hCG hormone can be released, but the level does not rise since the egg doesn’t develop. so we have to wait to do a scan to see the cause and so we can take a step further to treat the cause dear. take care.
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Question: I am 38 weeks pregnant. My aminotic fluid level is 8. How will be the fetal movement. Doctor adviced to admit on Saturday. Is is normal
Answer: Yes normal Asthe dates come near fluid level decrease.8 is normal.but it should not reduce below 8.you need to maintain the level..but in most cases there are very less chancess that water would increase as week goes by it keeps reducing..so doctor mostly try inducing pain if natural labor wont start..so you should get admitted..even i had delivered baby early for 37 week due to kess afi
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Question: Doctor told your amniotic fluid level Will be low in upcoming weeks now it is 12 will it reduce
Answer: S Day by day afi will gets reduce U can maintain this level by intaking 5-6 lit of water per day eat cucumber, muskmelon, watermelon, coconut water and fluid content foods and fruits like bottle gourd daily
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