Question: Dear Maam, I am 25 years old girl and I am not married yet. I am overall thin but now I can see that I am gaining weight near my stomach area around the belly. I find it so embarassing, you can understand mam. Please suggest something maam.

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Answer: Hi dear, I think it is very normal to gain weight around the belly area especially if you are involved in sitting job or other sitting work. Dear, you don't have to feel embarrassed just because you are gaining weight. There are lot of things that you can do to reduce weight. Not sure if you have heard about exercises called crunches, these exercises are good for reducing fat of stomach. In case you are in a work that involves a lot of sitting than make sure that you move around in regular interval of time You can decide a time to walk like a morning walk or evening walk Try to include a lot of healthy food items in your diet and avoid junk and unhealthy food, the processed food like chips and fries, they are bad for health You should include food that has fiber in them such as carrot, oranges, cucumber, etc.
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