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Question: Dear friends, i am having lower abdominal pain from morning...is it a labour pain

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Answer: No its not labour pain.... its common during pregnancy.. if it increases then consult ur doctor.
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Question: From morning vomitting like watery and having mild lower abdominal pain. Is it the sign of early labour. Plz answer
Answer: No morning vomitting is for empty stomach it wont affect your labour feel relax
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Question: Hi,my dua date is 11feb 2019,from morning onwards I am getting pain in lower abdominal continuously is this is labour pain ??
Answer: hie continuous pain as in if they are contractions coming in and going after a specific interval of time then yes however if it is constant pain then it could be due to gas or stomach upset. in either case, if the pain is constant would suggest consulting your gynecologist so that she can examine and suggest accordingly.
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Question: I am 4week pregnant i am having lower abdominal pain and lower back pain is it normal?
Answer: Hello ma'am, Congratulation for your pregnancy. Pregnancy me abdomen me pain hona normal hai ye pain muscles ke khichao ki wajeh se hota hai kyuki baby ke growth ki wajeh se muscle me stretch aata hai to aise me abdomen me pain ya stretch feel hona normal hai . Back pain and leg pain complain is common during pregnancy and in a pregnancy u should avoid medicine as much as possible so u can apply some home remedy for back pain and leg pain . Reason :- 1) weight gain 2) posture changes 3) hormonal changes 4) muscle separation 5) stress 6) fatigue 7) muscular imbalances. 8) insufficiency of calcium . Treatment:- 1) swimming - swimming is a best treatment of back pain during pregnancy . 2) weight training for control weight. 3) walking and stretching. 4) practising good posture- sit straight, sit on chair that have supportive and use pillow at your back . 5) lifting properly - don't lift heavy object. 6) sleeping properly- sleep in correct posture. 7) including daily physical activity in your routine. 8) use hot water bottle. 9) exercise and yoga 10) take calcium . Thanku
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