2 years old baby

Question: Dctr mam my girl coughs a lot, it gets controlled by medication, but then it starts agin after sometime. Tell some home remedies so that her cough remains in control.

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Answer: Hi my baby too used to cougha lot i gave her ajwain water, you can also give her chicken soup. Apply vicks on her chest and back this will be helpful .
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Question: My elder sister is trying to concieve since 2 years but she couldn't so she went to gynacs and they told her to do some tests in which v came to know that her both the fallopian tubes are blocked and was adviced for leproscopy surgery. So is it safe to to do it and how many percent chances are there to concieve after doing that???
Answer: Yes dear laparoscopy surgery will help to remove blockage. if a blockage will remove completely then chances of pregnancy will increase if your brother in law has no infertility problem. Last year my sister took laparoscopic surgery & she is expecting January 2021. If done Properly under expert supervision it will increase chances of pregnancy.
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Question: Hi Ma'am, I am 14 weeks pregnant and I have chronic cough for last 7 months due to allergy from pollution. I can't control my cough and doctor also refused to give any medicine because of pregnancy. I am afraid that my continuous cough may affect the baby. I am trying home remedies to ease my cough. Please tell if how chronic cough be subdued and will it affect my baby?
Answer: Hello friend. Congratulations on your pregnancy. Sorry to hear you are having cold and cough, this is quiet common during pregnancy. Yes you can take steam with garlic and ajwain and drink only warm water. If this dosent help consult your doctor. Hope this helps.
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Answer: I dear there may be tear in your anus it may be piles or fissure please go to gynec for check up
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