36 weeks pregnant mother

Question: DCDA twins pregnancy,Both my babies having head down, Should I go for normal delivery ?

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Question: Hi, I am in 38th week of pregnancy and today I visited hospital for check up. Doc said that my baby head has not stopped into pelvis bone yet. So chances for normal delivery is 10 percent. Last week she said that chances for normal delivery is 90 percent. My bp is also normal. And colour Doppler report also says everything is fine. How many chances are there that baby head will go down . How much should I wait. I want normal delivery.
Answer: Dear if it is your 1st baby, the head should start to engage at least 2-3 weeks before due date means at 37/38 weeks of pregnancy.this is called fetal engagement, where babys presenting part fix into the pelvic brim or inlet.just wait for 1 more week and then decide about the next plan of action.keep observing baby movements daily.take care and all the best
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Question: My babies vaccine is missed due to lock down what shuld i do when shuld I go for the vaccine?
Answer: It's ok to postpone as this is the time of emergency and it's not good to take the child out. You can have after lockdown ... So stay at home and stay safe. Tc
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Question: 8 days to go for my due date what should I do for normal delivery.
Answer: Hiii... Be cool ..Take deep breath & do exercise ..
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