1 months old baby

Question: 20 days old baby getting loose motion... Usko red rashes ho Gaye hai back pe.. bcoz loose motion... Please suggest remedies to treat it

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Answer: Hello dear use soft wipes to clean reddish area and apply coconut oil
Answer: Use betadin... And dont use wips of jonsons
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Question: mera beta 45 days ka hai usko loose motions ho gae hai please suggest home remedies
Answer: Hello dear.. since your baby is in exclusive breast-feeding , mother's diet play an important role in digestion of babies,Loose motion happens due to dehydration,food allergy, indigestion,home remedies for diarrhoea are as follows... Have buttermilk with little ginger and cumin seeds ,it will stop diarrhoea,can also have muskmelon juice for couple of days it will cure loose stools Avoid oily,fried item ,spicy items too,Drink lot of water , include fresh juice too Apply castor oil on baby'stummy,it will reduce the heat,it will be a greater releif Have bland food items like rice porridge,curd rice,bread.. Make a habit of drinking cumin water after every meal will in digestion of babies ,and drink ajwanwater water will also stop loose stools
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Question: How to treat rashes in infants? Beti 30 days old hai. Face aur back pe hui hai.
Answer: Coconut oil is best for rashes and infections. Apply coconut oil and keep for 1 hour and wash it off with water only. Do this three times per day.
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Question: Hello dear, please suggest some home remedies or treatment to treat loose motion for one you old
Answer: Hello! You can make a solution with half a small spoon of salt and six level small spoons of sugar dissolved in one liter of safe water(boiled & cooled). This is the method which has been used since ages and is very helpful in treating loose motions. This(ORS) is the best loose motion medicine and is even recommended by the World Health Organization.
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Question: My baby is getting red rashes upper side nappy area... suggest some remedies please.,..
Answer: Please keep changing it every 4-5 hours and give some diaper free time.. Also make sure to apply coconut oil or diaper rash cream on it before putting a diaper.. Wash the area properly after pee and poo, avoid wet wipes, also try to switch to cloth diapers.. It is very good.. Hope this helps.
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