1 months old baby

Question: Aftet 5 days my baby skin color changes to dark why his color become dark .it will change or not

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Answer: Hi dear for the first 6 months of age of ur baby color may keeps on getting change and it is fine .After that it will settle to parents genes color . U can't rule or manage baby color with any ubtan or pack dear.
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    Mohini Bhagat647 days ago

    Thanks Dear

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Question: My nipples have become dark in color will it effect baby or me in future
Answer:  The dark nipples are also very common symptoms of pregnancy. After one or two weeks of conception, the areolas start turning dark. The nipples also become bigger with the pregnancy growth. This is caused because of the pregnancy hormones. And the dark nipples are not concerned at all at this stage; rather it indicates that the pregnancy is going well. The darkness of the areolas remains until the delivery. After delivery, the nipples get back its previous color. No,it does not effect your baby.Dont worry dear.
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Question: Why baby skin color changes?? My son looks some times dark and some times fair?? Which month his real color will appear???
Answer: Baby skin is keep on changing till 1 year. Dont worry about that. You should happy that baby is healthy. Use good products for baby skin. Sebamed protective facial cream is very good for baby face. Try mom and world soap since its hand made soap. Sri sri tatava body butter you can apply before bath for glowing skin.
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Question: Helow.... My skin become dark.. My actual color is very fair.... But my face become very dark with neck... Wt to do. Will it be OK after delivery
Answer: Hi yes it will be fine. It do happens to few women during pregnancy. U can make a mix of lime juice and honey. Apply it in affected area. Wear sunscreen if going out in sun.
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