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Question: 36 days delayed periods for the first time after my marriage. Does it mean I was about to pregnant but I couldn't get so?

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Answer: Hi dear u should check ur pregnancy now after 1 week of missed period. Do it with ur morning urine to get an accurate result. If still get negative den consult doctor as it may be happening due to harmonal disbalance.
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Question: For last six months, my periods get delayed by 5-6 days I got married last year in april Before Marriage, my periods were never delayed
Answer: Hi dear usually delay of 5 to 6 days of periods is not a major issue because plus minus 5 to 6 days is fine there is no major problem but if you think that you have some associated discomfort in your body like too much of stomach pain during periods or there is not much Floor or a the duration is too short after having periods you can talk to your gynecologist and get the doubts cleared .. Hope this helps!
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Question: After my marriage I get my periods often that is in 19 days, before marriage periods were irregular.... So is it possible to conceive?
Answer: Dear a 19 days cycle is not normal and has to be consulted with your gynae. Normal period cycle is 25 to 35 days. I would suggest please consult your gynae and discuss she mey be able to help you. In such situations it is easier to conceive under the guidance of a doctor. Hope it helps.
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Question: Mam I'm getting regular periods last for 7 days...But i couldn't able to get pregnant...
Answer: Check and track your period days every month.. try every day from day 6 to day 13..beat of luck..
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Question: Mam usually I have 27 days cycle. And it's regular also. But this time I got periods after the 34 days cycle. 25 th Nov was my first day of the periods. Am trying to get pregnant. Please help me
Answer: The normal circle range between 27 to 35 days.. So having a cycle in that phase is alright..
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