22 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Day time sleep or not

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Answer: Hello dear... you can sleep in afternoon,no harm in it,but dont sleep more than one hour,it will affect night sleep
Answer: Hi Dear! If y want to sleep in the day time,u can sleep thr is no problem.. Hope this helps!
Answer: Hi Dear! If y want to sleep in the day time,u can sleep thr is no problem.. Hope this helps!
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Question: Baby sleep in day time but not sleep in nigh
Answer: Hi dear new born baby do have problem in understanding the night and day difference. Do try to not to make ur baby sleep in the evening and give massage and a warm bath. After that u can also make ur baby sleep at night. For fixing the schedule u can try these way. Still baby do take 3 months of time to manage the schedule.
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Question: Im not getting sleep at night time ,can i sleep in day time
Answer: Hi dear surely u can sleep at day also. these are regular issue during pregnancy. U can follow below steps to have a good sleep. Daily exercise  can also help promote more restful sleep, so — no matter what’s keeping you up — try to get 30 minutes of walking or swimming in a day.Aching back Putting a pillow between your legs while you sleep can ease the pressure.Leg cramps Elevate your legs as much as you can during the day while you’re sitting. Even better: Ask your partner for a calf massage. After all, the better you sleep, the better he’ll sleep. Eat light food at night and try to have dinner 2 hours before sleeping. Avoid gassy foods. Eat fresh fruit and vegetable.  
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Question: Can i sleep day time after delivery. In home they are saying should not sleep day time.
Answer: You can sleep.. But don't sleep more, do some activities
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Question: Sleep during day time is not good, is it true or false?
Answer: Hello!! There is no problem in taking a nap of 30-60 minutes during the day. You can have it and it is absolutely fine. Take care
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