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Question: 36th day post cesarean. Bleeding had stopped. From yestrday night bleeding started. With slight pain. Is it sumting to wrry?

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Answer: Periods may take time to regularise after delivery it varies from woman to woman.some women don't get periods for years, while some women get periods just after the next month of delivery also don't worry if your periods may come and again go irregular because this totally depends on the production of the milk and hormonal changes which is considered normal till almost 1 year.
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Question: Hello, I'm 7 week pregnant.. yesterday night when i came from outside I had bleeding with clots..Today morning it stopped.. is it a sign of miscarriage
Answer: Hi! Pls see your Gynae at ths earliest, may be an USG is required to check wht kind of bleeding it was.. Hope this helps!
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Question: Hi today i had pv to open the internal os nw slight pain like periods and slight bleeding had started
Answer: Hi , it means your baby is taking position in to cervix ,you can also obseve some mucous with mix of brow bleeding .this seems you are ready for labour. In my case I have mucous discharge immediately I went to hospital , doctor checked and did internal .after that next day I have lot of muscous discharge with brown blood and I started like period pain. Again went to doctor and did internal then started bleeding.after coming home I got pains for every 10min . It depends on cervix dilution. Next day morning I delivered a baby.
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Question: I had normal delivery 40 days back.. bleeding stopped by 23rd day... Again from yesterday bleeding started.. please tell me if it is normal or not
Answer: S its normal n dont wory.. Hormonal imbalance is d cause... So dont wory
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