2 months old baby

Question: 1month 17 day old baby thuk nikalta hai

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Question: mera baby muh se foam jaisi thuk nikalta rehta hai..kya reason ho sakta hai..
Answer: That is normal. do not worry that is increased salivation is a natural cleansing mechanism in oral cavity of lot of infants. Your baby is learning to reach for objects and hence she will try to put them in mouth. it is important to never give your baby any toy with sharp or pointed edges and don't let your baby hold anything which is small and has removable parts that can cause choking or that can hurt her. choose age appropriate toys your baby will drool more in next week as the salivary gland will start to work. later on after one month you will see this salivation increase because of teething. so do not worry
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Question: my baby 5 month old ye mouth se bhut thuk nikalta hai khelte time Aisa kyu krta h yei
Answer: While drooling is a normal behavior for babies, excessive saliva production can signal another problem. When your baby starts teething, she may drool more than usual, partly because chewing on objects -- which increases saliva production -- relieves teething pain.
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Question: Mera baby thuk bhut nikalta hai whts d reason
Answer: Hi,that's normal voh isiliye hota Hain kuouki baby ke saliva gland or control Nahi HOTA and sometimes yeh teething ki vajah se bhi hota Hain So don't worry.
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