15 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Day before yesterday i went to the doctor. She said everything is normal but my pulse rate is 140per minute.i have taken ECG its normal.why mu pulse rate is higher

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Answer: Hi dear, during pregnancy blood flow increases twice and hormonal changes also occur on body which csuses increase or decrease in pulse rate during pregnancy. Wishes. Its Common and many women suffers from same problem. You should take proper rest and do some breathing exercise to maintain normal pulse rate hope it helps.
Answer: Hii.. Don't worry. It's happened In pregnancy in some mother because of increase cardiac out put. So don't get stress only focus on your health and diet. Take care.
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Question: What is the normal pulse rate of a pregnant woman? My heart pulse rate is 135 is it normal?
Answer: Hi.. It's seems absolutely normal and nothing to worry dear. Hope this helps!
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Question: Yesterday i had brown discharge but not a lot but today its stopped in mu usg everything is normal i go for it 2 days ago bcuz one day before i had the same problem of brown discharge doctor said everything is ok but yesterday i had this problem again but today its stopped is this normal
Answer: Hi Once check with your doctor about brown discharge..in some times its due to some infections..so oncce take suggestions by your health care provider about this.dont neglect
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Question: My pulse rate is 102 during 36 weeks thats why my babys heartbeat is 163. Doctor said its not good
Answer: Don't worry ma dont be panic.. if u become panic means it will increase ur pressure level ma be happy always ma its only good for ir baby
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