8 months old baby

Day before yesterday i introduced my baby the baby walker and he always start to walk in baby walker with one leg and the second leg he lifted it up or else some time only leg finger he touch to walk and he is 8 month 7days...this is the way only to start or i introduced him walker to early

This way only baby will start and slowly walks
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Question: Baby sits, crawls and stands by taking support, we generally put him on walker by when he will start walking on his own, or should i help him walk by holding his hand
Answer: Hi dear i didn't give Walker to my baby as there are so many drawbacks which I had gone across. Its better if u help ur baBy walking by holding both the hands. Also do prefer motivating baby to walk.
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Question: My baby boy is of 11 days, and he is sleeping continue for more than 3-4hrs, and even I am trying to walk up him, bt he didn't walk up, and not having my milk for this long time, is it OK or how I walk up him and is it his sleep for long time is ok
Answer: No you need to feed baby atleast for 10 mins every 2 hrs. It is very important at this period as it will contribute to proper growth and weight gain of the baby. Tickle baby foot rub behind baby ears slowly talk to baby and wake him to drink. I know its tough but as a mother our only duty for next few months is to feed baby at proper intervals to ensure its health
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Question: My boy is 4.6year old. While sleeping he always touch my breast which i dont like it.For this i make him scared, also i bit him, kabi kabi samjati b hu. But he forget all the thing and again he touch my breast.I am fed up with this. Plz give some solution to remove this habit.
Answer: Hi dear.. i can understand ki aap ko achcha nahi lagata par baby ki feelings ko samjhe.. love and affection ke liye baby ye karta hai... dont bite him and scare him.. be patient.. pyaar se samjhaye ki mamma does not like it... aal bole ki main bhi vo nahi karto jo aap ko pasand nahi hai.. ya phir ki aap ko pain hota hai.. this will definitely work .. hitting a child will never solve it
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