10 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Day before yesterday amniotic fluid was lost after scanning they told baby is sticked to sac is it harmful please help me out

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Answer: Hllo dear if ur amniotic fluid s lost take 3 to 4 ltr water daily .includes buttermilk, coconut water ,curd ,lemonade. Try it dear. Take medicine which ur gyno prescribes u .nd follow her instruction .
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Question: Hi im 23 weeks pregnant doctor told me that i have high amniotic fluid is it harmful plz help me.
Answer: Hi dear having high fluid can led u to feel baby movement less. So u need to make sure to monitor it nicely and make sure to keep ur bp under control. Also consult doctor as there is no as such treatment. Generally in this case doctor prefer to go for delivery after 37 th week without waiting for normal labour. Make sure to stay in touch with doctor.
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Question: In d scan i was told my amniotic fluid is less.. please help
Answer: Hello dear... Normal amniotic fluid in pregnancy is 8-18 cm, it is essential to maintain stable value for smooth and stable delivery, follow these remedies it might be helpful for you... Drink 2-3litre of water Include water rich fruit and vegetables Have buttermilk, coconut oil will be helpful Always lie on left side
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Question: before delivery amniotic fluid comes out how could we identify whether it is amniotic fluid or urine
Answer: Hello! Typically, urine will have an odor. Vaginal fluid is usually white or yellow in color. Another way you can try todetermine if the fluid is amniotic fluidis to first empty your bladder. Place a sanitary pad or panty liner in your underwear and lie on your left side. Examine the fluid that is on the pad after 30 minutes to an hour. If the pad is wet and does not have any smell then it is amniotic fluid. Take care
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