39 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Lmp date 5/1/18. Lmp EDD oct 12 USG EDD sep 29.

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Answer: Mostly the delivery occurs as per lmp edd... Usg edd varies depending on your baby's weight...
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Question: My last lmp EDD date 8-8-18,but scan EDD 1-8-18.which one is correct
Answer: As delivery comes near delivery date changes with time. But you need to consider your first delivery date which is 8-8-18. Changes occur as per growth of the baby. If your due date calculation changes and it throws you off balance, try to keep in perspective: Whatever day he is born will be beautiful. And really, there is no way to know your baby’s exact arrival date until he is here.  Enjoy the element of surprise and the unpredictability – it’s great practice for parenting!
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Question: According to lmp my edd is 5th sep. But last usg scan edd is 11th sep. which date is correct?
Answer: Hi dear from lmp the calculation is just manual of adding 280 days. But through the ultrasound it is more correct as it checks the growth of the baby.
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Question: Which date is near to exact EDD(lmp)/EDD(AUA)??AS date given to my wife has difference of 4 weeks i.eEDD(lmp)1/12/18&EDD(aua)1/11/18
Answer: You need to consult with her doctor but delivery will be close to EDD by LMP. You still plan about November.
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