4 months old baby

Question: dark yellow urine in toddler means

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Answer: that you need to drink more water
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Question: my urine was very dark in yellow is it normal
Answer: Hello! Dark yellow urine could mean a sign of dehydration. Please have plenty of fluids to avoid it. Also it could be due to any multi vitamin supplement, if you are taking. In both the cases, please drink plenty of water.
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Question: Why my urine become dark yellow in color
Answer: Because ur intake of water is very low, your getting dehydrated. Please drink plenty of water to avoid this.
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Question: Reasons for Dark yellow urine in pregnancy 4th Month?
Answer: I think u drink more water...kabhi Pani Kam pine se b pee dark Hoti h.. atleast 3 litters Pani Lena chahiye
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