5 months old baby

Question: Dark yellow urine in 3 mnth old baby is normal?

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Question: Dark yellow urine color .. is it normal?
Answer: Dear Pls have lot of liqued....if you are dehydrate then there may be a chance of urine infection....atleast drink 4-5ltrs of water a day...have healthy diet ...and if you see any red spots in urin then consult ur doctor immeditly
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Question: my urine was very dark in yellow is it normal
Answer: Hello! Dark yellow urine could mean a sign of dehydration. Please have plenty of fluids to avoid it. Also it could be due to any multi vitamin supplement, if you are taking. In both the cases, please drink plenty of water.
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Question: My baby urine is dark yellow is it normal
Answer: Hi dear if baby is not getting proper milk then get yellow urine. Make sure to feed ur baby after every 2 hours to provide proper supply of feed.
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