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Question: Dark line and light line in pregnancy test .... wat does it means i m pregnant or not

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Answer: No dear, it means you are pregnant. But probably the test was taken early and hence the second line is light.
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Question: Hi, i am pregnant but there was one dark and another light line in pregnancy test. What it means???
Answer: Take a test again after 2 days. You should be able to see 2 dark lines. One light line may indicate that you are pregnant but it may also appear if you waited too long to check the results. Hence a re-test would help.
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Question: I don't know if I m pregnant or not because when I test it shows one dark line and one light pink color line on pregnancy kit
Answer: Dear a light pink line means you are pregnant. Ur pregnancy is in early stages. If you would have taken the test after a week the line would be darker. You can get ur beta hcg test done to see the growth of ur pregnancy. Hope it helps.
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Question: Hey m check pregnancy test today one dark line n one very light line means what
Answer: Hi If you get two lines then its positive means your pregnant ok..now your test results shows positive results ok.. congratulations..and go for hospital for confirmation
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