3 months old baby

Question: Dandruff home remedies please

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Answer: Hi Dear! 3 months old baby has a very less option to try new things, but u can use Spoo shampoo after talking to ur Paed its a good one and works well on dandruff.. Hope this helps!
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Question: Plzz suggest some home remedies for dandruff in toddlers.... my baby is 15 month old.
Answer: Dont use any nail paint or medicine for ur son coz it contain chemicals.... Put some lemon juice on his thumb. Or else boil some neem leaves and put his thumb dipped in that water he may left his this habit as it is bitter in taste... Last option is red chilli powder.. sprinkle very little amount of red chilli powder on his thumb... he will definitely left this habit... Keep this 3rd option as a last option and when u follow this third method get ready with chocolate or sugar.
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Question: I m 29 weeks pregnant. Please suggest easy home remedies for dandruff. Thanks
Answer: Hello ma'am , Congratulation for your pregnancy. U can use this remedy for dandruff:- 1) u can use coconut oil with lemon for hair massage . 2) use fenugreek seed paste for dandruff. 3) apply some curd in your hair and scalp after 1 hr u can wash . 4) been juice can help u for cure dandruff . 5) u can use mehndi . Thanku
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Question: Dandruff in his hair..give me some tips or home remedies to remove dandrff
Answer: Hi dear, Dandruff you are talking about could.be cradle cap .Craddle cap is common issue in new borns. You can slowly take it off by combing it with soft but firm hard brush. Try massaging oil and post bath when the skin is soft,comb baby's head.do not forcefully pull it out and never use nails too.do it gradually.
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