6 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Daily ni8 fever vastundhi nenu 6 weeks pregnant any problem ?

Answer: Hi Dear! Is it due to cough and cold? or any other medical condition? If no cold or cough pls consult your Dr. and find out the underlying reason of fever Its important to knw the reason.. Hope this helps!
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Question: 6 th week pregnant ni stomach right side ni8 time lo pain vastundhi any problem ?
Answer: Try using very soft pillow under the stomach it gives u very great results
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Question: Nenu 6 weeks pregnant ni potta side pain vastundhi
Answer: Nothing abt to worry.its common during pregnancy. Do yoga.drink lots of water.
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Question: Nenu delivery ayyi 50 days authundhi andi... Breathing problem undhi.. Annam thinna vembate dhammu vastundhi... Nenu 7months pregnant unnapudu high bp vachindhi.. Ippudu breathing problem chala authundhi...?
Answer: Dear it is completely normal to have vomit sensation post delivery because your hormones are not stable and your body is adapting the changes so don't worry just drink lemon tea or ginger tea that will give you a lot of relief from vomit sensation.. also for breathing problem whenever you feel Breathless just have a glass of hot water with salt in it that will give you quick relief but if the problem is regularly happening then it's better to get it checked by doctor and the third question you ask is you have high BP during 7 month of pregnancy then most probably it would be fine by now.. but still it's better to check your BP regularly to know the exact range and so that you can know if it is normal or high...
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