3 months old baby

Question: daily drops like zincovit multivitamin syrup should be given till how many months? is it highly recommended or bm is enough?

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Answer: Hey, It's continued till 1year. Its not mandate though most of the doctor prescribe it so that baby doesn't run low on vitamins and other minerals if in case it is not met by mother's milk. However if you are taking nutritious diet then you can avoid giving these drops except for iron drops . As breastmilk is not adequate to provide sufficient iron to baby.
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Question: is zincovit drops be given to 4 months baby. for how many months should i continue
Answer: Hi,yes you should give to a baby if a doctor has prescribed it is important for the proper development of the baby and it is important because it helps to increase the hemoglobin levels of the baby also usually these are given till the baby is 1 year old but still you should first consult your doctor and continue till as long as your doctor ask you to continue
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Question: Hi my baby is 1 months old, is there is any problem for consuming zincovit syrup ( multivitamin and multimineral syrup) 3 drops instead of zincovit drops ( multivitamin and multimineral and lysine drops 3 drops
Answer: Hi dear.. its better to use what doctor has prescribed to ur little one.. Don't experiment on the baby.. If u have any doubt its better to clarify with ur doctor.. Take care
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Question: Till how many months I can continue the multivitamin drop zincovit
Answer: Hi you should consult with doctor but i think you should continue till 12 months
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