34 weeks pregnant mother

Question: cushion defect means

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Answer: Endocardial cushion defect (ECD) is an abnormal heart condition. Also, the valves separating the upper and lower chambers of the heart have defects during formation. ECD is a congenital heart disease, which means it is present from birth. Hope it helps.
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    Ranu Mondal842 days ago

    what kind effect in baby. how to recovery from END.

Answer: dr. advice me to do colour doppler and report is normal( fetal heart blood flow are normal).
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Answer: hi dear! Abdominal wall defects are a type of congenital defect that allows the stomach, the intestines, or other organs to protrude through an unusual opening that forms on the abdomen. During the development of the fetus, many unexpected changes occur inside the womb. Specifically the stomach, intestines, or other organs begin to develop outside the fetus’ abdomen through the abnormal hole in the abdomen and, as development progresses, the abdominal wall eventually encloses these organs. In some cases of defect either the umbilical opening is too oversized or has developed improperly which allows the organs to remain outside or to squeeze through the abdominal wall. There are two main types : omphalocele and gastroschisis -Gastroschisis develops when the abdominal wall does not completely close, and the organs are present outside of the infant’s body. -omphalocele occurs when some of the organs protrude through the muscles of the abdomen in the area surrounding the umbilical cord. we will have to keep looking at the size on the scan when you do them next . so that it becomes easier to diagnose and proper steps can be taken . normally it can be corrected after child birth. and no it wont cause a problem to your baby unless there is any other complication. . dont worry dear! everything will be fine . take care dear! i hope this information was useful to you !
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