37 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Currently my wife is in 8th month, bp looks fine 120/90 but still doctor recommended Alohadopa L 100 mg once a day..when we asked should we use tablet, then doctor said baby growth is slow better have it..i could not relate please help me if my wife still have to use tablet

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Answer: Alohadopa is given to treat hypertension...and high bp leads to slow growth in baby...if the gynecologist has recommended this medicine to your wife, so better to have this...or if you still have any doubt, you can go for an ultrasound to check the growth and position of the baby...if the growth is normal so no need to take the medicine.....
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    Saima Aamir49 days ago

    Mine was 130 /80 doctor jst gave me salt restricted diet ...plz don't take medicine control salt

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Question: Hello doctor i m 23 week pregnant and i have nephropathy before and now on labetalol 100 mg TDS but my bp is still on 130/90 so plz suggest should I shift to methyldopa plz help
Answer: hi dear ! so before changing any medicine you should consult your doctor first .
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Question: Hi all im 37 weeks and 2 days pregnant for today.. im suffering from gestational diabetes and recently even my bp was 120/90 so started with labebet 100 mg tablet.. i had been to growth scan today. Doc said that the growth of baby is normal but AFI is 12 which is the lower
Answer: Your diabetes should be under control your fasting should be approx 90 and your postprandial should be below 140 your blood pressure is very normal right now but still you can continue your medications of blood pressure if your doctor has recommended so. about the amniotic fluid level 12 is still considered a good number do not worry below 8 is critical and IV Fluids are required but in your case I will recommend you to start drinking 3 litres of water now on everyday because you have roughly around 2-3 weeks only so it is very important that you drink 3 glasses of milk 3 glasses of coconut water. and your water intake should be high eat more of fruits and juices avoid sugar in them since you have diabetes should avoid sweet fruits that raise GI very fast such as grapes custard apple kishmish Kaju Chiku this is a very high sugar fix are very high in glycemic index and they should be avoided out for fruits which are low in joy such as apple papaya peach guava Pear pomegranate Cherry etcetera
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Question: Doctor suspected my bp was 140/100 on completion of 8 month.before this everytime it was normal.my urine reports are normal.doct have given me labetalol 100 mg and l-arginine and proanthocyanidin once a day for 10 days.is this something to worry.
Answer: BP fluctuations at are normal during third trimester but make sure it doesn't exceeds
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