7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Currently my 7 week over but baby heart beat not started so kindly advise

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Answer: Dear baby's heartbeat start from 4-7 week of pregnancy but sometimes it can be late so dont worry get a scan done after 1 week hopefully baby's heartbeat will start by then...
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    Anonymous Mom61 days ago

    Thanks :)

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Question: 5week I scanning but baby heart beat not started
Answer: Hello dear. The baby's heart starts to beat at around 6 weeks. You may be able to hear and see your baby's heart beat for the first time when you're about 8 weeks pregnant. All the best.
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Question: My baby heart beat was started or not
Answer: Hello dear, Your baby's heart starts beating about 22 days after you had conceived. Doctor will be able to spot it on screen between 5 weeks to 7 weeks. In some cases it has found in 9th week also. So don't worry and good luck....   
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Question: I m 7 week pregnant ... But not get the heart beat of baby
Answer: It is likely to detect heartbeat by ultrasound ( TVS ) in 6 weeks. Maybe you have calculated wrong LMP and period of pregnancy or you had a late conception. At least fetal poles and yolk sac should be visible in the scan. Get a follow up scan done after two weeks. In the meantime have folic acid and progesterone supplements as advised by your doctor. Stay hydrated and take a balanced nutritious diet. Hope for the best.
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