37 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Currently iam 36 week pregnancy past 5 days iam having slight itching throughout my body except abdominal area is it normal .if i apply moisturise iam not having any itching for 5 to 6 hours.

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Question: Hi iam 7 week 6 days pregnant from past 2 days iam having back pain is it anything serious or any medication plz suggest
Answer: Hi,don't worry it is normal.As there are so many organs in the body shifting and the uterus is expanding and so you will feel this pain You can do hit water bag saik You should keep your posture erect You should not bend down. Also avoid sitting or standing in one position for a long time You can use a pillow behind your back while sitting to get back support In case the pain increases you can consult your Dr for medications All the best Enjoy your pregnancy!!!
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Question: Hi mam iam in 4th week of pregnancy. Im not having any cravings but im getting vaginal itching and abdominal cramps is it ok or not.
Answer: Hi,yes it ok as every women may get different pregnancy symptoms so don't worry.durinh pregnancy the skin near the vagina gets extra delicate which leads to yeast infections.so you need to maintain a very good hygeine.and you should wear only cotton ugs and you should apply cocunut oil to get relief into he itching.for abdominals cramps can be due to stretching of muscles or due to gas and acidity.yiu should have ginger honey paste one teaspoon.have peppermint ,have cold milk and adequately water and fluids intake will also help.
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Question: 6 week old baby slept without waking for feeding for 5-6 hours at night. is this normal? worried if it might have caused him any harm
Answer: same with my baby he sleeps from 11pm to 5 am continuous. Doctor told nothing to worry and advise to feed whenever baby demands.
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