12 weeks pregnant mother

Question: currently I am in 3rd month,can u suggest me good diet for my baby

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Answer: You & your baby will gain weight with the help of nutritious things that you eat. Eating a healthy, balanced dietwill help your baby get the nutrients he or she needs and grow at a healthy rate. • Add more protein to your diet. Butter and other fats will not help you in this matter, you can have cottage cheese, milk and other sources of protein like protein powders for pregnant women. • Take five to six small meals every day. • Keep quick, easy snacks on hand, such as nuts, raisins, cheese and crackers, dried fruit, and ice cream or yogurt. • Also drink a lot of liquid juices, coconut water twice a day, lot of water etc.
Answer: Hello dear many congratulations for pregnancy Green leafy vegetables. 2. Vegetables soup 3. All varieties of pulses. 4. Curd, paneer, tofu, buttermilk. 5. All seasonal fruits except pineapple and papaya and grapes 6. Lots of water. 7. Fruit juices and shakes 8. Bowl of salads. 9. No aerated and caffeinated drinks. 10. No ajinomoto. 11. No gassy foods 12. Protein rich diet. 13. Omega 3 rich foods like walnuts and flax seeds. Healofy wishes you all the very best and happy pregnancy dear
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Question: Can u suggest diet chart for 8 month old baby
Answer: Morning .... ragi malt/ragi porridge. .aftnoo..... Mashed rice with boiled veggies carrots potatoes.... Evening..... Mashed bananas... Boiled apples....
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Question: Hi my baby is 10.month old can u suggest a good diet chart for her she don't have teeth
Answer: Hi Even if babies dont hv teeth they hv strong gums to chew things and manipulate, pls dont stick to only pureed food if baby doesnt hv teeth, offer soft solids like uttapam or crisp dosa etc. so that baby knws how to handle these food.. Things you can offer are; Oats Porridge with nuts powder, soft Aloo Paratha, Roti with ghee, Whole wheat bread toast Rawa upma, Fruit salad, Curd Rice, Banana Oats pan cake etc.. Hope this helps!
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Question: Can u suggest diet for a 7 month old baby
Answer: Follow this diet chart you can offer the 3 times a day meal that should be cooked well. 8 am - bm / fm 9 am. Rava idly, oats ragi dosa, suji kheer, banana porridge, pancakes, apple puree( any one) 11 am. Bm/ fm 12 pm. Mashed banana, curd, 1 pm. Khichdi, potato and carrot khichdi, curd rice, ragi porridge, suji upma with veggie 3 pm. Bm / fm 5 pm. Any finger soft fruit, yogurt, boiled sweet potato, apple smoothy 7 pm. Uttpam, suji kheer, moong daal with rice, raw banana porridge, barley cereal, wheat cereal
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