9 months old baby

Question: Cure for Prickly heat rashes

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Answer: Hello The summer season get babies very hot as they cannot regulate the temperature like we do give the baby a bath twice a day so u can cool him off. You can also use sleeveless clothes made of cotton that will keep him cool give him plenty of water to drink you can also give different fruits juices. Powder your baby with a cooling talc like nycil so you can keep them feel fresh and dry. Keep your baby in a well ventilated room so the baby does not get stuffy. Fresh air is very important for the baby s well being.
Answer: HI. Use cold compress , avoid any synthetic cloths use cotton and loose cloth . Aaply alo vera gel it gives cooling effect
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Question: My baby getting prickly heat rashes on neck, what can I do
Answer: Applying aloe vera gel over the rashes will help soothe it dear.... however I suggest that you consult with your pediatrician and get it checked once dear as your baby's skin is extremely sensitive and trying home remedies may cause more irritation in your baby's skin dear..
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Question: What are the remedies for prickly heat during pregnency??
Answer: Hope you are doing fine.take normal cool showers, drink plenty of fulids like water, butter milk, coconut water, juices.avoid unnecessary changes in body temperature, put your feet up, if you are outside, always sit in a shade and apply sun screen lotion daily.take care
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Question: Any home remedies for heat boils all over the body.. Am applying Himalaya prickly heat powder
Answer: Hi dear gou are doing good but nycil is best powder for prickly heat . You can switch t c
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