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Question: Cure for gastric problem during pregnancy

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Answer: Hii Hii there are some home remedies which u can use to overcome heart burn . U can have one spoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water and sip it slowly . If u r facing heartburn make sure to make a rule of sipping liquids in sip and not in a single go otherwise that also insite heartburn. Same u can start ur day with ginger tea. Have lemonade . Have yoghurt or milk dat also relieve ur heartburn.  Also take care how u eat. Eat smaller meals throughout the dayTry to make your main meal at lunchtime – this takes pressure of the digestive tract later in the day when the body is tired or ready for bedTry to avoid eating a couple hours before bed or a napStay sitting upright after eating, lying down can push stomach contents back upWhen sleeping, prop head with a couple of pillows, this positioning may help.Stay hydrated – sip water and liquids throughout the day and between meals, rather in larger quantitiesTry naturally sweetened gum after a meal – chewing stimulates your salivary glands, naturally neutralizing acids.Garlic – a clove of garlic a day keeps heartburn away! Or at least some say so. 
Answer: Food ek time pr hlka aur thora khaiye. Khane ke baad 5 minute walk jrur kijiye. try these remedies Fenugreek Seeds: A simple home remedy to reduce gas and bloating during pregnancy is to soak fenugreek seeds in a glass of water overnight.The next morning, discard the seeds and drink the water on an empty stomach to relieve stomach pain and gas. This also helps maintain the blood sugar levels. Ginger: Ginger has been used medicinally for many years as it is a digestive stimulant. Chewing a raw piece of ginger after meals is the most effective. However, pregnant women should not have more than 1 gram per day.
Answer: Hello As ur body produces more progesterone it relaxes all the muscles in your body because of This ur digestion process can slow down this produces gas which cause bloating burping and hurt burns. Drink lots of water get exercise like walking stretching etc. Avoid eating heavy meals or spicy meals before dinner so u can avoid hurt burns. Eat alot of high fiber food.
Answer: Boil jeera in water and drink it Drink butter milk Drink tender coconut Avoid potatoes family food Drink a pinch of hing in warm water
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Question: How to cure excess of gastric problem during pregnancy as omez tablet is not effecting.
Answer: The type of meal is very important if you are eating big meals at one time it may cause a lot of gas to you you must drink minimum 3 litres of water a day to help regularise the Detox function of your body which will remove the toxins and improve your digestion. Avoid eating cabbage cauliflower broccoli at dinner time food such as pasta oats brown rice and Missi Roti a mixture of 5 multigrain Atta is good to prevent gas you must avoid potatoes at dinner time and chana dal as well as heavy Dal such as Rajma. sometimes corn also causes gas because if it is not properly boiled properly roasted however, the severe pain in the abdomen with cramps with diarrhoea constipation should be reported to your gynecologist . if it is not getting corrected with omez tablet and you are feeling severe heartburn as well as you vomit because of acidity then this can be gastro-oesophageal reflex and gastritis which should be treated in a different way yoga exercise in morning time routine always helps to balance the stomach problems drink two glasses of water straight after waking up from the bed and preferably used at Tamba / copper vessel this will help to normalise the acid in your stomach and will prevent gas.
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Question: Is eno is safe during pregnancy for gastric problem
Answer: Eno is nothing but mixing of all chemicals which is not good. You can follow home remedies to get rid of gastric problem ..drinking plenty of dribking water gives relief from gastric pain. Get moving.. Physical activity and excersises should be a part of your daily activities. Test your diet.. Eat fiber rich food ..dont consume oily good and stop eating sugur, drink feenugreek seads water ..drink herbal teas.. Lemon juice which gives relief from gastric pain.
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Question: how to cure gastric problem for my 70 daysbold baby
Answer: Hi dear at this age best is the cycling exercise to be give to baby. Also always burp ur baby when feeding. Do give burp after every 5 mins and then continue feeding session.this way baby will not get gas
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