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Question: Richar CR tablet for iron should be taken in 75mg or 100mg.Already started to take 75mg.Is there any prob?

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Answer: Hello dear. It would be better to consult doctor for medication. Do not self medicate. Iron supplements depends on whether you have iron deficiency if yes then the dosage would differ. Hope it helps.
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Question: Iron amd calcium tablet should be taken together or not??
Answer: Iron should be taken at night time because it may cause some nauseous effect. Calcium should be taken day time because it requires energy to show it's mechanism. Don't take both at a time which may interact each other and form complex.
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Question: Should I take Iron and calcium tablet should be taken twice?
Answer: No, you should take daily one pill as suggested by doctor. Just keep in mind iron and calcium pill not to be consumed same time. Take both medicine daily at different time. Hopefully i have answered your question
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Question: Is there any alternative for Richar CR iro tablet.this is causing severe constipation and hard stool.I have harmmorhoids too 😔
Answer: Go for natural methods. Like beetroot, pomegranate, carrots.. drink juices regularly. Atleast some amount of your problem gets reduced. Tc
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Question: I ll take milk in morning and night any prob for baby for not taking iron tablet
Answer: Hi! Milk is for Calcium and not Iron. You need both the supplement. Please have both the tablets but with a gap If you have Iron in the morning have calcium in the evening as calcium hinders iron absorption. Good luck!
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