25 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Cpam type 2 problem can solve taken food to cure is problem in pregnancy Time

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Answer: No dear c Pam can not be cured by any food . As it is mass of cyst . If it will not increase in size than doctor may perform surgery after delivery .
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Question: What are the food,fruits to be taken in first trimester????? Is good for baby???
Answer: Dear better to eat more greeny vegetables contains high folic acid,take high proteins and low carbohydrates, take dairy products daily, can have red meat and seafood but better to avoid foods which causes allergy to you.drink plenty of fluids.better to avoid which contains high toxic elements, under cooked or raw meat.better not to take caffeine more than 200mg per day.better to eat boiled sprouts than raw one.avoid spicy and oily foods.take care
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Question: Hi, my Scan report say cpam type 2 problem,Is it risky?
Answer: System type to problem is small multiple years will present in the lungs of fetus. . It is a kind of birth defect in baby. After birth if it sounds that baby is having breathing problem then doctor will suggest surgery to remove the section of lungs that's causing the problem. Unfortunately it is not a common disease in and born babies. For more you have to consult with your doctor.
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Question: What can be done to cure common cold and blocked nose during pregnancy ? What medicines can be taken ?
Answer: Dexamethasoneaccelerates maturation of fetal lungs, decrease number of neonates with respiratory distress syndrome and improves survival in preterm delivered neonates. Optimal gestational age for use of dexamethasone therapy is 31 to 34 weeks of gestation.
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