8 months old baby

Question: Cow milk is not recommended before 1 year but then butter n paneer can b given... Will it be digestble by the baby?

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Answer: The only reason to recommend cows milk after 1 year is because it has got minimal nutritional value and baby depends upon milk before 1. Once they start taking proper solids then they will get all the needed nutrients from food and cows milk can be given. Cows milk products can be used like paneer, yogurt. The yogurt and paneer made from cows milk is easier on the baby's tummy because lactose in cows milk is broken down into easily digestible proteins when converted to yogurt/cheeses.
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    Hemali Pabari839 days ago

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Answer: Hello dear. Its completely not made with cow's milk. It's the food based on cow's milk or soya protein, given as a substitute for breast milk. It would made of nutrients that's suppose to be given to your little one at that particular age. Take care.
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Question: Can cow milk be given to one year old baby?
Answer: Hi dear, yes you can introduce cows milk for 12 month baby. Try to start in small quantity and slowly baby will start more. Take care
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Answer: To be very frank aap cow milk de do m also giving.formula is not sufficient .my doc suggested me to give cow milk.
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