38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Could you pls explain placenta is left anterior upper segment with grade 2maturity?

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Answer: hi dear! so this means that the placenta is positioned on the front wall of your womb, on your belly side on the left side . and it is located towards upper side which is what is it suppose to be otherwise it will be considered a low lying placenta in which the placenta is located on the lower side dear. and there are different grades of maturity of the placenta this will determine how old or young your placenta is at the time. grade 0: <18 weeks grade I: 18-29 weeks grade II: >30 weeks grade III: >39 weeks take care dear.
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    Mandrel Kaur Multani25 days ago

    Thanks 😊

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Answer: Hi dear the position of the placenta is in front of the uterus with the maturity age of 2. This is normal.position. nothing to worry dear.
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Question: placenta anterior, upper segment with grade 3 maturity means
Answer: Everything is fine it is the location of placenta and maturity level of placenta
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Answer: Hello dear , placenta anterior means your placenta is towards the other part of your tummy which is absolutely ok. Grade 2 ca ++ means placenta is getting harder n calcification started which is also fine as you are already 36 weeks pregnant.
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