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Question: Could it be possible to see a colourless faint line on hpt....within five minutes and it disappears after some this a positive upt or what else...any one plzzz clear my confusion

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Answer: Hi dear No matter how faint the line is it still confirms your pregnancy.its just that your pregnancy hormones have not risen enough to show dark might have taken early test.try after few days and make sure you check it with first urine in morning.the pregnancy test result is valid only for 15 minutes.any changes in the strip won't be considered post 15 if you have got faint line wait for 5 minutes and if the line is still there then it is positive.aftwr 15 minutes of it disappears then that does not congratultions!
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Question: Last time after delayed periods i got a faint line and a dark line after 10 days delayed and my doc told i am pregnant but two days later i heavy bleeding what could be the reason please answer
Answer: Hi! I'm sorry to read this and I can understand what have you been through but please don't worry and don't lose hope you can again be pregnant and this time successfully but I think that the last time which has happened has happened due to sustainability issues the pregnancy could not be sustained may be due to a lot of deficiencies but the next time you plan please do let your doctor know before hand so that you can be supplemented with you know Folic acid and iron and progesterone supplements etc. to sustain that pregnancy.. Hope this helps!
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Question: My periods are due today, wanted to wait after everyone's advice but couldn't resist. Took the test today morning, a very faint line at the begining after 10-12 minutes line got a lot darker. Is it positive?
Answer: Yes dear It is positive and first of all congratulations on ur pregnancy. The first and foremost thing now u have to do is immediately consult ur doctor as ur doctor will also confirm ur pregnancy and after that ur proper medications will be started.
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Question: Hello last lmp was 28 dec......when I checked upt at home after 10days I got a faint it positive pregnancy?
Answer: It's positive only... Better you check once again with another product
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