12 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Cough ki wajah se mujh khasi arahi haa aur breathing lane mai bhi taklif ho rahi haa....plzzz suggest wat to do ????

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Answer: Hllo dear u r 12 weeks pregnant Cold nd cough s common in this season due to season change nothing to worry abht.try these remedies .Take adrak tulsi peeper kara twice a day.. Take Ginger tea.Take Green tea..Take warm milk wit turmeric before bed time.. Take Ginger juice wit honey.. Take Vit C it helps in cold nd cough.Avoid cold things such as ice. cream cold drink curd . if ur nose s block then take steam add ajwain also.. u can try honey wit lemon lemon s source of vit c which s helpful in cold cough nd sneezing try it
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Question: khasi aur cough ki wajah se Muje headache aur ear pain ho raha kya kru
Answer: hello dear khansi ke liye ap ye remedies try kariye --- @ ap garam pani me salt dalkar pie. @l ukewarm milk me haldi milakar pie. @jyada se jyada liquid chijo ka sevan kre. @simple adrak wali chae pie.  @steam lijiye. @1 spoon honey half lemon lukewarm water me milakar pie. @ doctor se consult karke koi cough syrup bhi le sakti h. @ vitamin c jyada le like lemon, amla orange. @ hydrate rahe uske liye pani pie. @ rest kare jitna ho sake. @ onion juice or honey milakar khae. @ tulsi ka paste bnakar honey mix karke khae. @ lemon cut kare us per black paper or black salt milakar use chatne se cough me aram milta h.
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Question: mam mere galeme kharash lag rahi hai bich bich me khasi bhi aa rahi..aur khasne se bahot taklif ho rahi niche ki jagah pe..kya karu?
Answer: Hello When ur pregnant your entire body changes with it so does ur immune system. Due to these changes u might come in contact with cold or cough at some point in ur pregnancy the news is that even though u feel tired and fatigued the cold n cough is unlikely to affect ur baby. To combat these u have to be well hydrated exercise regularly eat ur pre natal vitamins take plenty of rest take ur meals on time place a humidifier in ur room or take steam. Drink warm tea. U can also eat pepper with honey lime and ginger it should help. Hope I helped
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Question: Maam mujh ko gale mai bahut jaln hai aur chest mai bahut bharipan bhi bahut lagta hai jaise ki koi cheez fasi ho aur upar niche hoti ho toh pain bhi hota hsi plzzz mujh ko aap suggest karo
Answer: Hello dear, Many women have acidity and/or heartburn for the first time during pregnancy. It's common and harmless, but it can be uncomfortable and painful. Rich, oily or spicy dishes, chocolate, citrus fruits, alcohol and coffee are all known to aggravate acidity. If you feel uncomfortable then avoid these foods for a while. Drink water instead of carbonated or fizzy drinks because these drinks are already very acidic. A glass of cold milk or a cup of yogurt is an age-old remedy for heartburn and acidity. A cup of chamomile or ginger tea (adrak chai) may also help. Some also believe that bananas help. Eat small, frequent meals and chew your food well. A long gap between meals can lead to acidity. Avoid drinking large quantities of fluids during meals. It's important to drink eight to 12 glasses of water daily during pregnancy, but don't drink between meals.... Try to finish your dinner about three hours before you go to bed. Sometimes lying down can lead to heartburn because gravity helps the acids out of your stomach. Following a late dinner, try not to lie down for at least an hour after eating. Sleep propped up with pillows so that your shoulders are higher than your tummy. In this position, gravity will help keep your stomach acids where they should be and aid your digestion. Smoking worsens acidity and heartburn.Smoking also contributes to a host of complications in your pregnancy. Even if you do not smoke yourself, being exposed to cigarette smoke can be harmful as well. Hope it helped , Take care urself...
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Question: Mujh bhut fever ha aur sarde bhi hu gayi ha kaff ke wajah se sans lane mein problem hu re ha kiya karo
Answer: Hello Dear Dont worry. Agar aapko pregnancy me fever hai to aap tention mat lijiye. Agar aap proper medication lenge to isse baby pr koi asar nhi hoga. Aap following remedies try kr sakti hai: Aap ek chanmaz tulsi leaves ek cup garam pani me daliye aur 5 minutes tak chod dijiye. Issko aap din me 3 se 4 baar pijiye. Aram milega 1. Agar aapko cold hai to aap ginger wali chai aur usme tulsi, kali mirch, elaichi daalkar piye . Aapko aaram milega. 2. Cough k liye aap namak k pani me garare kijiye.
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