3 months old baby

Question: Copper t ...k baad pired kbtk ata h Kya niklvana chiy copper t jyada pired aane se

Answer: Hello dear, copper t ke bad period every month aata h nd aap phle se jyada Beeding dekh sakti h. Agar bleeding bahut hi jyada h to niklwane se phle ek bar apni gynoclosit se baat kijiye.
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Question: Copper t k use se Kya pet nikal aata h
Answer: Nahi dear aisa kuch bhi nahi hai agar aap healthy rahe exercise kare to pet bilkul bhi nahi niklega. Hope it helps.
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Question: copper t nikalne ke baad bleeding hoti h kya
Answer: Yes dear, kuch women ko bleeding hoti hai. But agar zyada bleeding nahi hai toh kuch problem nahi hai. Thode ghanto me agar bleeding chala gaya ho toh koi problem nahi. Severe ya heavy bleeding ho toh please consult doctor
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Question: Kya copper - t lagana safe h
Answer: The Copper T is effective in preventing pregnancy immediately after insertion and if pregnancy is desired, fertility returns after the Copper T is removed. The Copper T is designed to last for 10 years, although a woman may have it removed prior to that if pregnancy is desired. The Copper T does not contain any hormones so it does not change a woman’s menstrual cycle or have any of the side effects that come with hormonal methods of birth control. The Copper T is safe to use with relatively few side effects. Women often report several advantages to the Copper T aside from it being safe to use. These advantages include: • Allowing for sex to be spontaneous. No need to stop and insert a diaphragm. It is there all the time so sex does not have to be planned. • No need to remember to take a pill every day or get a shot every 12 weeks. A woman can be secure that her contraception method is there and working with the Copper T. • The Copper T can be used while breastfeeding. • The Copper T is a reliable method of contraception for a woman who cannot use hormonal methods. • It is discrete. No one will know a woman has an IUD so privacy is protected. • Is a long term method. Designed for 10 years of use. • Fertility returns after removal. Serious side effects are rare and medical professionals consider the Copper T to be a safe method of contraception.
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